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    for those who still unable to play valkyrie profile..

    Posted by fei_ on 1/25/2001, 9:42 am

    i have ended the game last night..
    in order to play you will need:
    1. vgs valkyrie profile patch
    2. vgs (1.3 is better)
    3. bleem! (sometimes and for starting a new game)
    4. pec and pecedit

    now first use bleem to start a new game and play until you are in the first dungeon, save then switch to vgs and play on..
    use the save anywhere code (301F6274 0011)
    whenever you wish to leave a dungeon save and switch to vgs valkyrie profile patch and before leaving please make sure you turn on this code:
    D0099975 78FF
    80099975 7890
    by using this code the world map will turn to black but you will still be able to see the minimap..
    my advice: "NEVER save in the world map.."

    sometimes some places in dungeon are making vgs crash.. just save before entering this place and switch to bleem.. in my experience this only happen in salerno academy(chapter 2)..
    so whenever you find a place that make vgs and vgs valkyrie profile crash just switch to bleem..

    one more thing:
    you'll want to turn off the save anywhere code before entering a battle because when you use this code all your character will start with 1 ct and that will prevent you using clincher in the first turn.. also with this code i find that you'll be able to kill the enemy in the practice mode.