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    "Did you try Aldo's Macro Recorder today?" へようこそ

    Plagiarism Tools Coolection 2.7.38

    Release Date: Feb 25th, 2015

    This is a collection of irresponsible, "negligent" and useless tools that I "claim" that have I developed by myself.

    It now includes +50 useless tools "copied" from someone else. See all the downloads at the bottom of the page.

    Important Note: Windows Unicode should be using English locale and VB5 Runtime must be installed.

    webMAN-MOD 1.41.40

    More info about webMAN features can be found here
    Download: webMAN MOD 1.41.40 Multi23 Mod by M@tsumoto & aldostools
    Download: prepNTFS 1.10 (webMAN MOD Edition)

    Link: webMAN MOD "Slider" webGUI demo

    Source code: GitHub

    PS3 GetSymbols 1.5.6 updated 2015-02-25!
    This new tool is for DEVELOPERS only!! It helps to find the memory offsets of the CFW functions (aka symbols). Although the tool cannot find all the symbols, it's able to find up to 90% of them, leaving more time to the developer to focus on other more productive tasks.

    This tool helped me and Joonie to port the mamba payload to 3.55, 4.21, 4.30, 4.31, 4.40, 4.41, 4.50, etc.. This means that now you can play ISOs also on these versions of CFW any Iris forks.

    New is v1.5.6: Improved selection of text when copying from the hex viewer. Now can use F3 to jump to the selected address.
    New is v1.5.3: Fixed a bug parsing "patch_func2_offset".
    New is v1.5.2: Added Ctrl+G to go to an specific address in Interactive mode.
    New is v1.5: Fixed a stupid bug finding the syscall_table_offset for DEX. Added shortcut to the calculator, and new commands to find syscalls.
    New is v1.4.3: Added find syscall_table_offset. In the Interactive mode enter 'S' for syscall_table_offset or 'T' for TOC.
    New is v1.4.1: Added option to scroll up/down the offsets in interactive mode. The default template contains the symbols for cobra (instead of just mamba).
    New is v1.4: Now can find the RTOC offsets thanks to a new method provided to me by Joonie. THANKS to him!!!
    New is v1.3: Added a new interactive mode to search an entered symbol and display the found symbol and values in hex viewer format.

    Retro XMB Creator 1.7 updated 2015-02-25!
    This tool allows to create shortcuts of your ROMS or PS1 isos on the XMB, with custom images and manuals in DDS format.

    Requires to have installed RetroArch on the PS3 (except for PS1 isos)

    Optionally you can use this addon RetroArch (Retro XMB Edition) to retain the compatibility in your Retro XMB packages, if RetroArch gets a future update. Requires to have RetroArch installed.

    What's New: Updated MOVIE* and PSX engine (support for cfw 4.70)

    *multiMAN full edition are required to be installed.

    Hint: Use [F1] to visit the Repository of ICON1.PAM and Manuals for Retro XMB Creator created by Redemp on FireDrive.

    Thanks to Themaister/TwinAphex for RetroArch, STLcardsWS for the template examples, Redemp for the skins, icons, manuals, tests and ideas. Floris van den Berg for FreeImage.dll, Pierre-E Gougelet for NConvert.

    lastGAME Customizer 1.5.1 updated 2015-02-25!
    This new tool takes advantage of the customization options that multiMAN's lastGAME applet offers, allowing to create PKG files that mount games, PS1 games and AVCHD movies directly from the XMB, without having to launch multiMAN's GUI (btw lastGAME = multiMAN without GUI).

  • Current version supports the newest LastPlay 1.03 and lastGAME 11.0:
    12.0: loads the multiMAN's payload on 3.55, 4.21, 4.30, 4.31, 4.40, 4.41, 4.46, 4.50, 4.53, 4.55, 4.60 and 4.65/4.66
    12.0 COBRA: for COBRA 7.0 CFW implemented on 4.46 Rogero, 4.46 Habib, 4.46 Cobra, 4.53 Habib, 4.55 Habib, 4.65/4.66 Cobra/Rebug Cobra
    4.1: loads Hermes payload for firmwares 3.41, 3.55, 4.21, 4.30 (multiMAN is not required)
  • Allows to connect to PS3 via FTP to retrieve the list of games installed on HDD or on external devices
  • Supports drag & drop of multiple folders (x:\GAMES) to create multiple PKGs instantly
  • Supports command line interface (CLI). Use /? for info.
  • Allows to mount ISOs (PS2, PSP, PSX, DVD, BDM) and load remote backups (Cobra dongle is required)
  • Support direct boot (certain games only). Games that require BD mirror are now supported in lastGAME8 and above.

  • multiMAN 04.66.10 or higher is required for PSX isos using lastGAME

    Changes in 1.5.1: Added lastGAME 12.0.

    Note: For BD-mirror feature with lastGAME, multiMAN 04.66.xx must be installed. BD-mirror setting is stored in the PS3GAME.INI created for each game by multiMAN or by Game Settings Manager

    PKG ContentID updated 2015-02-25!
    It's a tool for view quickly the ContentID of a PKG. It also manages several file associations for a seamless integration with Windows Explorer. Please read the readme for details.


    NOTE: On Windows 7, the context menu for convert RIF/RAP files is not available when you select more that 15 rif/rap files. To fix this issue download this registry fix and double click on the Fix_Context_Menu_Limited_to_15_items_on_Windows_7.reg

    - Added support to Make PKG on multiple selected folders, updated to support 4.70

    [+] Previous changes

    Special thanks to naehrwert, flatz, BuC, DeanK, acab, PatrickBatman and many others ;)

    PS3 Keys 1.6.4 updated 2015-02-25!
    It's a tool to edit, verify and create the .ps3 keys in binary format and .rap/.edat files.

    What's New: Added support for keys up to version 4.70.

    Movian Remote [webGUI] updated 2015-02-14!

    This is a specialized webGUI controller that can be used on the PC or tablet/smartphone for quick navigation of Movian (formerly known as Showtime Media Center).

    This webGUI also allows remote navigation of Movian using the keyboard of the PC.

    XMB Manager+ 0.23.003 (mod) for COBRA 7.0 updated 2015-02-04!
    This is my modified version of the XMB Manager+ originally released by Team XMBM+. This version of XMBM+ (mod) includes various related files. category_game.xml is not installed automatically. XMBM+ (mod) can be updated directly from XMB if you have an earlier version already installed.

    Changes in 0.23.003 (mod): updated web links and package manager.

    Thanks to manster for the video (recorded on 3.55 Rebug)

    PS3 Covers Uploader 1.03 updated 2015-02-02!
    This is a specialized FTP client that auto-converts any image (PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP, TIF) to the proper cover size used by multiMAN, and auto-upload it as JPG to the proper covers path. Supports: copy & paste image, drag & drop of multiple files, browse dialog or URL from clipboard. The images can be saved locally too.

    What's New: Added support for PS2/PSX retro covers (220x300 and 200x200 respectively). Title ids are auto-formatted for retro covers.

    Note: Use multiMAN, webMAN as FTP Server.

    PS3 Games Database 1.7.1 updated 2015-01-30!
    This tool lets you create a database of PS3 games and search through it easily.
    You can build your own database of collected games in CSV format and use this tool to view and organize it.

    The db.csv included is just an example. You have to build your database yourself ;)

    New features: Added support to read the "db" from PSNDL :)

    IMPORTANT: You must save your existing database with this build before adding new stuff.

    PS3 Game Updates 3.1 updated 2014-12-28!
    This application downloads PS3 and PSP/PSVita game updates and patches.

    -Support concurrent queued downloads.
    -The title id field accepts many formats of title id (eg: title id with/without dash, content id, URL of pkgs, etc).
    -Search updates by name of the game. Support games in folder, ISO and PKG.
    -The title id field also accepts the path of GAMES or the IP of the PS3 (to scan multiple games).
    -Show game patches 3.56+ in a different color (pink).
    -Auto-detects game patches already downloaded (search in PS3_UPDATE, PS3_EXTRAS, and in the default download path) and show them in gray.
    -Asks for confirmation to download patches 3.56 or higher. Required firmware version is appended to the name of the file.
    -Show game cover and game description even if the game does not have updates.
    -Auto-fix downloaded PKGs that required firmware 3.60

    What's new: Added support for updates of PKG files. Added detection of game version on ISO and PKG.

    PS3_DISC.SFB edit 1.1 updated 2014-12-28!
    It's a quick way to edit the title id of PS3_DISC.SFB and LIC.DAT. I was tired of use an hex editor for that :)

    Fan Control Utility (ISO/No GUI) 2.08 updated 2014-11-26!
    This is an unofficial version of Fan Control Utility by Estwald that auto-quits immediately to XMB after set the fan policy. Hold (X) for 10 seconds to enable the GUI. The settings will be saved in the internal HDD, if the included PKG is installed and dev_hdd0/game/CTRLFAN00/fan_speed.dat exists.

    New in 2.08: Added payloads to support 4.65 DEX / 4.66 CEX.

    Note: The AUTOBOOT.ISO for COBRA 7 auto-quits. There are 2 PKG files: one has no GUI, the other always shows the GUI. If you use CFW COBRA 7, you can use the Dynamic Fan Control option in webMAN 1.34 or webMAN-MOD 1.34.x

    Credits: Thanks to Estwald for the payload for 4.55CEX, PS3L1GHT environment and the open source project. Thanks to HABIB for the payloads for 4.46/4.50/4.53CEX/4.60CEX, Rancid-O for DEX payloads.

    genPS3ISO GUI 1.4 updated 2014-08-20!
    Another quick GUI for the command line tool genPS3ISO by Cobra-USB. This tool let you create a proper ISO image from a PS3 game's folder.

    What's New: Added genPS3ISO 2.5 by Cobra.

    Features: Allows drag & drop, Run as Administrator to auto-register as a shell-extension for Explorer. Right-click on any folder to make an ISO.

    PS3 Cheats Editor 3.1 updated 2014-08-15!
    This editor for CodeUnique cheats database (for 3.55) allows to manage the cheats database and apply the cheats marked in blue to the EBOOTs, to play them on 4.x without the need of CodeUnique. This update includes the latest cheats (6-14-2014) from bungholio.

    The current database includes 7890 cheats for 904 games (title ids). update 2014-08-14!
    Visit the Official forum to solve all your questions about Bruteforce Save Data 4.7!.

    A new release is available with a new look and the latest updates of games.conf and new cheat scripts.

    Download: Bruteforce Save Data 4.7.

    PS3 FTP Client 3.2 updated 2014-07-30!
    It's a full FTP client that allows remote access to your PS3 via a PC. It is still a WIP and some features are not complete. Currently the main feature is the PS3 file ripper via FTP. Other features include: file description, view cover image for selected folder, multiMAN remote commands, etc.

    What's new? Added support for the new SITE COPY/PASTE commands implemented in webMAN MOD.

    PS3 NET Server GUI 1.3 updated 2014-07-28!
    It's an improved GUI for the PS3 NET Server (the PC side of multiMAN and webMAN).
    (hosts are hidden in system tray, remember last used folders, supports up to 10 hosts, white list, etc.)

    New in 1.3: Added option to auto-mount a shared sub-folder (right-click and select Auto Mount on Start).
    New in 1.2: Added option to browse the shared folders and mount them using webMAN integration.
    New in 1.1: Added webMAN options to the popup menu when you click on the PS3 logo.

    PS3 Registry Editor 1.0 new 2014-07-23!
    A viewer and editor on the PC for the PS3 registry file xRegistry.sys found at /dev_flash2/etc/

    WARNING: Do not modify your xRegistry.sys unless you have the proper Checkum/Header ID for the value being changed. The checksum algorithm is currently unknown.

    What's new? This tool does most of the functions of xRegistry Editor 0.75 by Stoker25. Some of the new functions are: tree/list view modes, find keys, drag & drop, open file from command line, edit header "Entry ID", resize string entries, display details about the keys, export as CSV file (Excel).

    PS3 Web Debugger 1.2 updated 2014-07-19!
    A ps3 memory debugger based on the new peek/poke/find function of webMAN-MOD.

    What's new in 1.2? Added a basic bookmark GUI.

    mmDM 02.04.02 - [DEX Game Mounter] updated 2014-07-09!
    It's a remote game mounter for PS3 DEX consoles. Requires the ProDG Target Manager to work. A x64 version is also available here. It works fast and seamlessly with multiMAN 04.66.10+ (DEX) thanks to the excellent job of deank with rcp_bdemu!!!.

    BruteForce/SCETool Decrypter 2.4 updated 2014-06-30!
    A klicensee finder using scetool (based on Asure's brute force script) with heuristic algorithms for brute force attack. Once it finds the klicensee, the tool resign the EBOOT/SPRX/SELF with 3.40/3.55/4.20 keys. It also includes an updated FixELF tool and uses the tool by MAGIC333X (v1.3.1) for faster klicensee detection.

    PS3 webMAN Portal updated 2014-06-16!
    This is a simplistic page to be used as home in your PS3 Internet Browser. It has Google and quick links to webMAN functions and other common sites like Brewology, Sony, psx-scene among others. Just start the browser, press TRIANGLE > Tools > Start Page. Enter: and press OK

    It also can be used on the PC or tablet/smartphone for quick access to webMAN's remote functions, if you provide the IP of your PS3 console in the url. Example:

    What's New? Added shortcuts to mount the remote PKG folder or PS3 NET Server shared folder as /dev_bdvd.

    PARAM.SFO editor 2.8.8 updated 2014-06-24!
    It's a tool to edit PARAM.SFO files (from PS3 GAMES, SAVE DATA, PSP, etc.) and the PARAM.SFX files created by "Create PS3_EXTRA" (see it below).

    Supports drag & drop of PARAM.SFO, PARAM.SFO as command line, browse for SFO/SFX file, double click on SFO file, edit ATTRIBUTE fields (background music, PSP/PSPVita remote play, warnings), add new fields, make SAVE GAMES compatible with your PSN ID.

    - Fixed issue resigning games on systems that use comma as decimal separator. (e.g. German Regional Settings)

    [+] Previous changes

    DroidMAN 0.94 beta updated 2014-01-20!
    The developer simogh updated his Android application to access webMAN 1.34 from your tablet and smartphone.

    PS3WebTemp 1.1 updated 2013-12-09!
    This is a small semi-transparent web window that stays always on top. It can connect to your PS3 console to monitor the CPU and RSX information. Requires webMAN 1.34 running on a 4.46 COBRA 7.0 compatible CFW. The plugin and instructions are included in the XMB Manager+ (mod).

    New in 1.1: Added more webMAN options to the popup menu when you right click on the Connect button.

    Create PS3_EXTRA 1.3.3 updated 2013-12-07!
    This tool scans for the PKG, MP4 and P3T files copied to each game folder, its PS3_UPDATE folder, PKGDIR or PS3_CONTENT, and store them under a PS3_EXTRA structure. It scans for the PKG, MP4 and P3T files copied to each game folder or its PS3_UPDATE folder, and stores them under a PS3_EXTRA structure. When a game is mounted with multiMAN, there will be 2 BD icons on the XMB: one disc for the game itself and another with PKGs, MP4 and P3T. It should make it easier to install the game patches, DLC, fixes, and related videos.

    Changes in 1.3.3: The program now auto-renames all the DATA000.pkg files found the PS3_EXTRA folder to DATA000.PKG. This fixes the installation error 80010006 in COBRA 7 installing extra content from ISOs with PS3_EXTRA folder, if the pkg is not named as DATA000.PKG (in UPPERCASE). Thanks to master deank who helped me to debug the issue.

    TIP: As COBRA7 CFW supports split ISOs, this tool can be useful also to create ISO images that let us to install PKG files larger than 4GB directly from an external USB drive, without having to transfer it to the internal HDD via FTP or needing 2X the required free space in the internal HDD to install the PKG.

    CreateHardLink 1.1.1 updated 2013-11-26!
    Do you need a copy of your giant ISO, virtual HDD, movies or any other file in a another folder (e.g. for network share) and don't want to waste the extra hard disk space? This Win32 tool (inspired tool on multiMAN's mmOS shadow copy feature) lets you create a "hard link copy" of your files stored on NTFS drives without expend the extra HDD space.

    Changes in 1.1.1: Paste Hard Link option can be accessed without select any folder item. Other minor changes.

    IMPORTANT: A symbolic links to directories are "shortcuts" that behave like a path redirection. A "hard link copy" is the same original file just with another file name. Any modification made to one file will be reflected on all the other copies. Hard links don't work on multiple volumes or hard drives formatted in FAT32.

    [+] Installation & Usage

    PSISO Tool GUI new 2013-11-10!
    I have created this quick GUI for the command line tool made by CaptainCPS-X that allows us to patch the PS3 ISO images that were not created with genPS3ISO or multiMAN, and make them to work on COBRA 7.0 CFW.

    Thanks to CaptainCPS-X for this useful tool

    PS3 HDD GUI 1.3 updated 2013-11-01!
    It's a GUI for the PS3 HDD reader tool created by 3141card. Now includes a PS3 HDD Hex Viewer to view/dump sectors.

    The tool is a simple on-the-fly decrypter and ufs2 reader that allows to browse the content of your gameos (dev_hdd0) and copy files and folders to PC.

    PS3 HDD will only read (Nothing is written to the PS3 HDD, so it should be very safe). PS3 HDD for Slim and FAT models are now supported.

    Bruteforce EBOOT 1.3.1 new 2013-10-28!
    This tool is more an EXPERIMENT than a real key finder... a 128bit key is expected to take milleniums to bruteforce it, but if you are extremely LUCKY you could find a rifkey using this method. Anyway, I'm sharing this because a friend asked me to make it to have some fun.

    The tool generates random or sequential values and uses MAGIC333X's bruteforce tool to test thousands or millions of rifkeys per second.

    New in this release:
    - Added option to open the EBOOT by drag & drop of the file.

    Bruteforce Edat 1.2.1 updated 2013-10-27!
    It's a dev klicensee bruteforcer that can be used to find the klicensee used on edat files. It uses BuC's dev klicensee validator to test the potential keys and the superfast JjKkYu's EDAT dev_klic bruteforcer tool.

    New in this release:
    - BruteForce_List_Edat_Klicensees -> Added listing of the RAP in HEX format (if the rap file exists in the RAPS folder) (thank to ZOMBIEKILLAH for the idea)

    Special thanks to Catalinnc for his awesome contribution discovering the klicensees!

    PSP2PS3 2.1.2 "mod" updated 2013-05-09!
    Based on the awesome scripts created by szczuru, and the tools created by Pink1, arnold (swapperneger), zecoxao, tpu, doobz, sandungas among others devs. This "mod" tries to streamline the process of conversion of PKG/ISO/CSO/PBP to PSP package for PS3. Latest versions include a GUI and improved compatibility.

    Changes in v2.1.2 "mod by aldostools"
    - Added option for resign tool to use: seboot or prxencrypter
    - Added option to create PKG to update MINIS2.EDAT when a PKG was created and MINIS2.EDAT is updated.
    - Added option to restore the MINIS2.TXT if it is not the default file.
    - Fixed ICON0 for icons 80x80 (minis)
    - Added ability to cancel the process
    - Added progress bar for CSO and PKG

    [+] Previous changes

    Report your PSP compatibility results here

    PS3 Edat Tool GUI 1.0 new 2013-04-26!
    It's a revamped and easy to use GUI for the command line EdatTool recently released. Now you can resign your Edats in an easy way.

    Note: Some edats require a Dev Klic that can be obtained using Bruteforce Edat.

    PS3 ConsoleID 1.0.3 updated 2013-03-31!
    This tool displays the PSID and the ConsoleID from a bkpps3.bin dump or from a LV1 or LV2 dump created using multiMAN's mmOS or Rebug's Toolbox.

    *UPDATE* Fixed display of idps from E3's bkpps3.bin (byte swapped) dumps. Added display of PSID (?) found at offset 0x000303E0. Now the tool displays the offsets where the ids were found.

    How to use:
    Make a dump of your bkpps3.bin, LV1 or LV2 and drap & drop the dump file on the tool's window.
    It will show the PSID, idps, Target ID and PS3 model found in the bkpps3.bin, LV1 or LV2.

    You can drag & drop a dump of your NOR flash too.

    PS2 Classics GUI 2.0 updated 2013-03-31!
    It's a frontend for the recently released PS2Classic tool developed by psdev-net team. The tool allows to decrypt PS2 Classics for PS3 and encrypt any PS2 to play on PS3 (fat/slim).

    TIP: Now you can convert your PS2 ISOs to PKG directly from Windows Explorer: Go to "Options" set the output mode to Package File, set a default path and enable Shell Integration.

    Changes in 2.0:
    - New tab for creation of PS2 packages with custom icons and background.
    (drag & drop or open any image and the program will create the images in the proper size)
    Tip: Put custom images (ICON0, PIC0, PIC1, SND, etc.) in the folder PS2Covers for auto selection by title id during the PKG creation.

    [+] Previous changes

    Special thanks to flatz, u$er, Ing Pereira, ps3dev-net team and other anonymous talented devs ;)

    PS3 PSARC GUI 1.2 updated! 2013-03-11!
    It's a graphical user interface to view, extract or create psarc archives.

    PS3 Ftp Data Sync 1.2 updated 2013-03-09!
    It's a backup utility that copies the selected folders on the PS3 to a local folder on the PC. Only the new and modified files on the PS3 are downloaded to the PC (saving time in the backup process). The new files found on the Sync folder are copied back to the PS3.

    Set the local folder to a DropDrox's folder and you have a cloud backup solution of your PS3 data :)

    This version has an improved GUI, with browse capabilities and upload/download/delete of individual files.

    Game Settings Manager 1.0 new 2013-03-05!
    Manage your multiMAN's game settings from the PC. Connect your USB drive to the PC, configure the settings and play with multiMAN on the PS3.

    PS3 Game Integrity 1.3.1 updated 2013-02-13!
    This tool calculates the MD5 or SHA-1 for a file or folder (and sub-directories) and generate a content.md5 file for future verification. If the content.md5 is present in the folder, the program reports if any file was deleted, added or changed. This tool is very useful to check if your game has missing or corrupted files due bad sectors, virus or cross-links (which are very common when an USB device is removed from the PS3 while it is turned on).

    New: Fixed a bug introduced in 1.3 with the log files per folder.

    rap management tools new 2013-02-05!
    Keep your "rap" files collection clean with "remove bad files from exdata.bat" (a batch file that will remove the invalid "rap" files from your "exdata" folder) and delete_dups (a tool that will compare your rap files with the ones stored in another folder; deleting the duplicated files). Use them in conjunction with PS3 Game Integrity and PKG ContentID to keep your collection of raps organized.

    TIP: My PS3 Keys tool can be used to create rap files, just entering the file name and pasting the 32 HEX digits.

    Memory Card Manager 1.4.1 updated 2013-01-28!
    After 10 years without touch this tool, I decided to update my Memory Card Manager, adding support for Virtual Memory Card formats used by PS3 and PSP (.VM1 and .VMP).

    mmRAS Server 01.01.04 updated 2012-12-29!
    multiMAN's Remote Access Service Server is a proof of concept that let you control your PC's mouse/screen directly from multiMAN's graphical user interface on the PS3. Requires multiMAN 04.66.10 or higher version.

    * 01.01.04 fixed issue with Left and Square buttons, mapped L1 + R1 to F11 (full screen)
    * 01.01.03 addressed a misplacement of the mouse pointer on the PS3 display
    * 01.01.02 support up to 8 clients, whitelist of client IPs, minor optimizations
    * 01.01.01 improved framerate... it requires to have .NET Framework (gdiplus) installed :D

    mmTM_GUI 1.5.1 updated 2012-12-28!
    It's a tool that verifies, pack and unpack multiMAN's theme files (THM).
    (supports drag & drop of THM file, THM file as command line, browse for THM file)

    mmRAS 01.02.02 updated 2013-03-18!
    multiMAN Remote Access Service client lets you browse multiMAN's graphical user interface from a PC. Requires multiMAN 04.66.10 or a higher version.

    BdEmu Partitions Tool 01.05.05 updated 2012-10-20!
    It's a tool to manage the size of the partitions of HDD formated for BDEMU, used by PS3 development consoles. It allows to create up to 255 partitions (if your HDD has the capacity), rename partitions and extract BDEMU files. BDEMU partition can be resized to use only the space allocated by the slots.

    - Added option to remove all slots.
    - Replaced the file injection with 'Resize slot to BDEMU file size'.

    ps3gen patcher 1.2 updated 2012-09-18!
    Patches the genelib.dll to add support up to 255 slots in a BDEMU hard drive (instead of only 4) and start the Disc Image Generator for PlayStation®3 (ps3gen) 3.30 or 3.12. Just copy the start_ps3gen.exe in the same folder of ps3gen.exe and use it everytime you need to change the default number of slots.

    PS3RIP 1.2.1 updated 2012-08-15!
    It's a tool that should help you gain some space on your external HDD, removing unnecessary files.
    Changes: Updated the patterns.

    PS3 Tools Menu 1.0 new 2012-08-15!
    It's a customizable application launcher. Use it to organize your tools, links and folders.

    PS3 File Splitter 1.3 updated 2012-08-15!
    Split files larger that 4GiB to fit in USB drives formatted with FAT32. It also can join the splitted files, and copy directories containing large files.

    TXT to Links.xml 1.1
    It's a tool to convert text files with URL to links for the XMB Manager+ 0.23.003 (mod) originally released by Team XMBM+. All you have to do is put a text file with all the links (description and url in separate lines) and it will add the XML code to the Links.xml

    EP0001-PKGMANAGE_00-XMBMANPLUS010MOD.pkg is a mod of Rebug's PKG Installer 1.1 to flash the category_game.xml required by the XMBM+ 0.22.010-mod for 3.55 Kmeaw.

    renam 1.0
    This tool, if copied to the GAMES or GAMEZ folder, will rename the games sub-folders from the default "BLUS00000-[Title]" format to "Title [BLUS00000]".

  • Downloads

    Download: PS3 Tools Collection 2.7.38 (39.5 MB) - (includes over 50 tools)

    Download: Retro XMB Creator 1.6.5 (13.82 MB)
    Download: PSP2PS3 2.1.2 "mod" (3.08 MB)
    Download: PS2 Classics GUI 2.0 (2.41 MB)
    Download: PS3 Edat Tool GUI 1.0 (218 KB)
    Download: Bruteforce Edat 1.2.1 (354 KB)
    Download: PS3 HDD GUI 1.3 (1.34 MB)
    Download: lastGAME Customizer 1.5.1 (2.24 MB)
    Download: PS3 FTP Client 3.2 (938 KB)
    Download: PS3 Covers Uploader 1.03 (217 KB)
    Download: PS3 Ftp Data Sync 1.2 (555 KB)
    Download: PS3 Game Updates 3.0.5 (829 KB)
    Download: PS3 PSARC 1.2 (771 KB) (x64: here)

    Download: PARAM.SFO editor 2.8.8 (108 KB)
    Download: PS3 Games Database 1.7.1 (1.14 MB)
    Download: PS3 NET Server GUI 1.3 (684 KB)
    Download: mmDM 02.04.02 - PS3 DEX Game Mounter (3.0 MB) (x64: here)
    Download: mmRAS Server 01.01.04 (86 KB)
    Download: mmRAS 01.02.02 (122 KB)
    Download: TXT to Links.xml 1.1 (22 KB)

    Aldo's Databases
    titleid.txt - Database of Title IDs (PS3, PSP, PSVita, PSN PSOne, PSN PS2)
    ps2titleid.txt - Database of original Title IDs for PS2
    md5.txt - Database of PS3 Firmware Updates (OFW & CFW)
    raps.md5 - Database of MD5 of RAP/edat files
    klics.txt - Database of Klicensees for EBOOT/SELF/SPRX decryption
    dev_klics.txt - Database of Developer's Klicensees for EDAT decryption
    keys - Database of PS3 decryption keys for scetool
    PS3 Packages
    Download: XMBM+ for COBRA 7.0 (manual installation)
    Download: EP0001-PKGMANAGE_00-XMBMANPLUS010MOD.pkg (flasher for 3.55)
    Download: XMBM+ 0.22.010-mod (HDD)

    Bonus: netmon (70KB)
    This tool is the perfect complement for PS3 NET Server and PS3 FTP Client
    It monitors the network transfers (upstream/downstream) on the PC.

    All these tools are Win32 and require the VB5 runtime DLL.
    XP users should have this already installed (if not, download & install the DLL).

    Show your gratefulness to deank for multiMAN @